Author Name in Comments & Footnotes

Whenever I make a new comment…the default name that pops in is not mine. It used to be. I can overwrite it…but it shows up after compile to word. Where is that name coming in from?

This is coming from your Mac address book. Load, and use the Card/Go to My Card menu command. Edit that as you see fit. We’ll also use that information to fill in various template fields as well, when appropriate (some have cover sheets for example).

Or we can just start calling you Angelica. It’s all good.

gr :wink:

Thank you both…I don’t mind the Angelica name…but its confusing since my wife goes by that one…

The fix for ‘my card’ was exactly it of course. Not sure how it got moved to her card but it seems to be fine now. Thank you all for the help!