Author name on Word compile only outputs last name

For the life of me I can’t get a file to export to Word the author name in the header. I have the name in full in Author Information in prefs. In Compile I put it in the Authors and Forename and Surname field. All that comes out is a surname and that only if I fill in the Forename and Surname field otherwise it’s blank.
I know it’s easy enough to correct in Word but I don’t understand why it isn’t outputting the whole name.
V 3.2.1 144481 on Big Sur 11.0.1

Are you using one of Scrivener’s supplied Compile formats?

The most likely issue is that the Compile format you’re using has the “Surname” placeholder, rather than the “Full Name.” Alternatively, what did you put in the “Authors” field in the Compile metadata?


I’m using the Times manuscript Compile format that come with Scrivener. Sorry but I don’t know what you mean by a placeholder. Where’s that? There’s no custom metadata set up for this file.
The luggage ticket fields in Compile (I assume this is metadata have first and last names in the Authors field and in the appropriate Forename and Surname fields. If I simply fill in the Prefs author data nothing is exported by way of name. Same if I just fill in the Author field in the Compile luggage tag. The only thing that fills in anything is the Surname field.
I’ve tried a variety of other inbuilt formats btw and it’s always the same - the forename field never appears.

So I tried putting in <$fullname> and <$author> into the Compile author fields. Still I only get a surname even though the full name is set in Prefs.
However if I put the full name into the Surname field that bodges it.This happens with all the built in compile formats on more than one Mac.