Author (Year) referencing format

Hi all,
I am using EndNote to write my theses and found a minor problem about in-text citation. Using the Harvard system, there are two types of in-text citation I usually use:

  1. (Author, Year) if I use it at the end of the sentence, which can easily be updated in Word if I use this regular format in Scrivener: {Author, Year #Record Number}
  2. Author (Year) if I use it in the middle of the sentence.

My question is, what kind of format in Scrivener I should use to achieve Author (Year)? I tried different combination from {Author, Year #Record Number} but could not figure it out. Thanks ever so.


I don’t use Endnote normally, but from memory working with a collaborator who did, you append @@author-year directly after the record number: {Author, Year #Record Number@@author-year} becomes Author (Year). The other trick was to exclude author and just deal with the name manually: Therefore Doe {, 2009 #1599} suggested nothing.

Hi nontroppo,

It works like a charm! Thank you for your help :smiley:


You’re welcome, and good luck with the thesis! 8)