Authors Collaborating with Scrivener

I am an author, living in South Florida, collaborating a novel with a writer who lives in Michigan. We would like to use a process where each of us individually could update a Scrivener project. One thought would be to use dropbox or something like it. We each own a copy of scrivener. :confused:

I have collaborated with a colleague on a translation. I’m in the UK, she’s in China. We used Cubby rather than Dropbox. They do the same thing but Cubby gives you 5GB of space rather than the 2 of Dropbox; also you don’t have a unique folder/directory into which everything has to be put to sync, as is the case with Dropbox, but you can designate any folder/s you wish to be sync’d with the server — I have two top level folders, one shared with her and the other for my own stuff. But Dropbox works well too.

Do read the advice on collaborating through Dropbox etc. We put the whole project in the appropriate “cubby” and were careful not to try to open it when the other was likely to be working … something made easier by the 8-hour time difference. So yes, with care to make sure you don’t switch you computer off until the syncronisation is complete, or don’t open the project until your computer has fully syncronised with your collaborator’s changes, it works well.

We had no trouble and only one ocurrence of a conflicted file, which was easy to sort out, over the three or more months that we were working on the project.

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Thanks Mr. X :smiley:

Mr. X
Is there a tutorial or anything instructional of how to cordinate or open and save which files. I have set up a Cubby account? As have my collaborator.

You need to put the whole project in the Cubby that is the folder/directory named “yourprojectname.scriv”, where ‘yourprojectname’ is whatever you’ve called it, and all the files and directories it contains. When your collaborator opens it for the first time, they should double-click the file called “whatever.scrivx” within it.

Our project was called “Potatoes-3.scriv”; the file to click was called “project.scrivx”, which is what I believe it’s called by default, and suspect shouldn’t be changed. So the whole “Potatoes-3.scriv” is what we have in the Cubby.

Mr X