Auto add scene numbers?

Is it possible to add scene numbers automatically?

Inline with the scene title which is in bold capital.

If not, that would be a neat little feature.

When the writing is finished and screenplays are used in a production environment, scene numbers are often used to make it more practical to address certain parts of the script.


You can do this during Compilation by using <$t> (for words, e.g. ‘one’) or <$n> (for numerals, e.g. ‘1’). See “Help -> Placeholder Tags List…” then look for Auto-Numbering.

I’d love a way to be able to do this in the binder, pre-compile. I like to number my chapters (my brains wired more toward numbers, so it helps me keep a reference) but it’s a bitch when I insert a new chapter in the middle somewhere.

To elaborate; in the compile settings, under Formatting, you choose the appropriate row that corresponds to your scenes (or create one), then select that row and click on the Section Layout button to customize the scene’s title prefix and/or suffix. There’s a lot to it though, so you may want to read up on Placeholder tags, once you’ve figured out where to put everything.

North: while what you want isn’t possible in the design scheme of Scrivener, you could just not include the “Chapter 17” Title (folder name) in the compile settings, letting scrivener automatically add in Chapter <$t> for all folders of that level. In the binder, if you add in a chapter between chapters 12 and 13, name it “Chapter 12.5” or Chapter 12 1/2" to keep it straight in your head. That way, chapter 30 will always be chapter 30, no matter how many chapters you add or remove ahead of it. This is why I’ve transitioned to cutesy, for-my-eyes-only titles for each chapter, to hint at the events in that chapter, no matter how I rearrange things during the editing process. I just don’t include titles in the final output.

Thanks, I’m already doing that with the titles, meaningful in the Binder, ignored during compiled. I just want the meaningful titles to be automatically numbered.