Auto adding images to Research folder

Hi, I downloaded Scrivener last summer and I am loving it. A very big thanks to the developer who have done an outstanding job. I really look forward also to an Ipad version of it since it has become day by day an essential tool for my writings.
First of all I am sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section. I am not sure if what I am asking refers to an existing feature of Scrivener (which I haven’t discovered yet) or to a feature to put in the wish list.

As a PhD scholar I use Scrivener mainly for papers. This requires to use a consistent number of images (which by the way I just discovered you can auto-number them YEEEE). What I would like to ask is: is there a way to auto-add the images from a text into the research folder? I mean, when importing an image into some text by drag-and-drop, is there a way to auto add this image to the binder in the Research folder? This would be of great help to organise all the files in one place (within the scrivener file) and get rid of all the sparse files around my laptop. I now do it manually, that is: attach file to text and drag-n-drop the same file into the research folder.

Thanks a lot

There is no feature for doing that. You might save a little time by dragging the image from the editor into the Binder, rather than from the original location in Finder, but that’s the best I can offer.

I can say that there will be some improvements here in the future. I’m the same way as you, I like having an “index” of figures in the Binder so I don’t have to poke through hundreds of pages to find something. There won’t be anything automatic, but you will be able to share the resources between Binder and editor, so that the image isn’t duplicated in the project and instead linked to the Binder version—meaning you can more easily edit them in place as well since the editor copy points to the Binder copy.

Thanks a lot Amber.
I am really looking forward to such improvements. I must say, I still know only the 10% of Scrivener’s features and I the more I find out the more I love this program. I am sure that the quality of future release will be extremely high.

Thanks! Glad to hear the software is working out so well for you.