Auto capitalisation exception list needed

I try to input “i.e.” (which here just worked) but in Scrivener insists on changing this to “I.e.”
Does the same with “e.g.” (“E.g.”) and “viz.” (“Viz”)

Minor but unforgiving. e.g. In MSWord if you change a capital to a small, and you insist it must be small, it will remember it second time around. I guess you could customise this for yourself, but this is a pretty standard English abbreviation. (“n’est pas”) ? Tried that too which becomes “N’est pas”. Scrivener blindly looks for a period, then insists on capitalising the first letter of the word which follows.


I just tell Scrivener not to capitalize my sentences, because it’ll capitalize after an ellipsis … which is stupid.

This is a little annoyance with me too. Is there a work-around for this, or can it be added to the wish-list? :slight_smile:

You young’uns with your “auto-capitals”. Back in my day, WE WROTE IN NOTHING BUT CAPITALS, AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!

Next thing you know, you’ll all want the computer to check your spelling or some nonsense. :imp: