Auto-capitalisation in screenplay mode

This is a very minor bug – and maybe I’m missing something…

I have the “Preferences : Text editing : Capitalize first letter of sentences” option set on and in normal mode it works a treat. However in “Script Mode: Screenplay” it doesn’t seem to kick in. (Maybe some collateral damage from forcing U/C in Header and Character modes?)

PowerBook Pro. OS X 10.4.11. Intel Core 2 Duo.

There are separate options in the Preferences for capitalising in script mode and general mode, so you need to make sure that you have it checked for scriptwriting mode.
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Aha! Thanks…

Glad that helped! The next update only has one option for both modes. The only reason there’s a separate option in the current version is that parentheses get capitalised, which is annoying - in the next update, parentheses don’t get capitalised, so there is only the need for the one option, which should be less confusing.