Auto capitalization issues - bug or no bug?

I’ve been having issues with the way Scrivener auto capitalizes, and I thought at one point it was being considered a bug, but reading the most recent threads, it seems like it’s not and there are just workarounds. Right now on Beta 1.7, it’s auto capitalizing the first letter occurring after a period, regardless of other characters and/or whitespace in between. The worst part is, the standard workaround of an undo has its own issues. For example, I’m typing a sentence with an abbreviation in it. If I type "word word abbr., continue ", as soon as I hit the space bar, it capitalizes Continue. If I then hit ctrl-Z to undo, it clears the capitalization but then takes me back to the top of the document. Worse than that, if I go back after the space and type “more words”, as soon as I hit space after “more”, it again capitalizes “Continue”, and the cycle continues for every subsequent word in the sentence.

Is this a known bug or is it just the way autocapitalization is going to work? If so, I’ll be just turning it off and considering it a useless feature.

My suggestion is to:
a. Only autocapitalize if a period/explanation mark/question mark is immediately followed by whitespace. That won’t fix every instance, but it will fix the majority of them (URLs, abbreviations followed by commas, etc., etc.)

b. Remember the undo of a capitalization and don’t redo it if a user has undone it. This is how MS Word operates and should be a familiar functionality to most users.

Preferably, both can be done, but if not, at least b should be.

Thanks for all the hard work, and if we ever meet, I owe you a latte! :smiley: