Auto capitalization with ellipses

I finally had to turn off auto capitalization because I got sick of it “correcting” the first letter after an ellipsis. Is it possible to fix this? It’s so Microsoft Word.

And Pages, and most other word processors. There’s not really an easy fix for this, no, as to create an ellipsis the first thing you have to do is type a full stop. Even if it tried to wait for you to type the entire ellipsis (which would cause problems with other auto-cap routines), there isn’t any real way for the program to know whether it should or shouldn’t auto-capitalise in this case. Ellipses can be used to show omissions in sentences but just as often are used to omissions between sentences:

I do agree that auto-caps can be annoying sometimes - in any program - but this is because a computer just cannot know the intention of the writer. That said, if you have a suggestion for better logic in working this out, I’d love to hear it.

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Apologies … double post! :blush:

Just a question … if you type the ellipse character manually (Opt-:wink: does that invoke auto-caps? I don’t think it should.


Actually, apologies, but I have been speaking complete rubbish!

I just tested this and ellipses don’t invoke auto-capitalisation at all, so I’m not quite sure what the op means. If you type:

Hello. sentence… with… some… synopses.

The only word that would be capitalised is “sentence”, because that is at the beginning of a sentence following a period. The other words would not be capitalised. Try it out. So I’m not quite sure what the issue is, and would love to hear back from the op to find out what the conditions were.


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Ah. I only use three periods for an ellipsis. This is both because I learned to type on a typewriter, and because the ellipsis character explodes ebook formatting in particularly horrible way if left in. Perhaps it’s possible to replace ellipsis characters with three periods on export, or something like that.

There is an option to convert ellipsis to three full stops on export, so it will probably be easiest for you to work with ellipsis while writing and just get the Compile Manuscript to strip them out at the end.

Yes, definitely. In the Compile Draft sheet, under “Text Options”, there is an option to convert ellipses to three periods. That will probably be the best route. The problem is that the logic just sees the full stop there and treats it as such; it treats ellipses characters as ellipses though. Hopefully this is a workable solution.

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