Auto-Captitalization Question

Trying out Scrivener Beta for the first time so apologies if there is an obvious answer to this which I have missed.
If you type the first word of your sentence without a capital letter then when you finish the word and place a space the first letter is automatically capitalized. Fine. Word does this and it’s a helpful way to avoid errors. However, if you go back and delete the capital letter and replace it with a lower case letter it stays that way until you return to the other end of the sentence and type another word and a space. Then it auto-capitalizes the beginning of the sentence again.
I could not work out how to stop it auto-formatting like that. Surely, if you have gone to the trouble to change the text to the way you want it to look, the computer should not repeatedly correct you ad infinitum?
How would e e cummings have got on?!

Oops - Obviously this should read auto-capitalization question!
Turns out I definitely need auto-spellcheck.