Auto casing for scriptwriting

I’ve gotten hit with this a few times and it’s annoying every time. Occasionally, I’ll accidentally have the cursor on an action or dialog line when I change to character format and it automatically capitalizes every letter. However, when I change it back, it maintains the capitalization, so I end up having to retype it all.

It would be a wonderful update if it would change the casing back to first letter of a sentence to capital, but lower case everything else in addition to the margin change. Even if it can’t capitalize proper nouns, it would save a lot of re-typing.

Even better, if it could maintain a database of characters, places, etc, then it would have something to reference for proper nouns, so then it could maintain proper casing for names.J

Just an idea.

Or even just put in a shortcut to allow us to change the case of a selection of text. Microsoft Word has Shift-F3, and it rotates a selection of text between all caps, all lowercase, and the first word capitalized.

I get this problem too. The work-round - as long as you realise the mistake as soon as you make it - is to ctrl-z to undo your past actions (and then there is ctrl-y to redo if you go too far back).

That should work. It wasn’t at the fore of my thinking when I ran into this, but that should be a quick fix. Still, I think I would love to see a character database of some sort.