Auto-close feature?

Is there a feature or setting that would make Scrivener close automatically after a certain period of inactivity or at a particular time of day?

I will often finish a chapter or other piece of work, and then I’ll walk away from my computer for a while. Might be ten minutes to make a cup of coffee; might be a few hours while I get on with the rest of my day. When I sit down again, Scrivener isn’t open anymore. Doesn’t happen all the time, though it occurs at least once a day. There is no error message, and a brief scan of the system logs reveals no crash. There’s no missing work, no corrupted files. I just open the application again and get back to work.

It’s not a major problem. In fact, the only genuinely annoying thing is that I always have to remember what I was doing last time, because the file I was working on is almost never the one displayed in the editing window when I reopen the program. I’d quite like that to stop.

I haven’t found any reference to this behaviour anywhere yet, so it’s either a feature that I’ve somehow managed to miss, or it’s a bug that most people don’t see. I don’t know which is the case, so before I spent a lot of time troubleshooting, I just wanted to ask if I’m an idiot and this is a setting of some kind that I can just switch off? :slight_smile:

This is Mac version 3.1.5, by the way.


Check out the setting under Scrivener->Preferences->Automatic Quit.