Auto-complete and quote marks

(re: Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021 for Windows)

I use auto-complete for character names to indicate who is speaking.

Example: JOHN>> " or SALLY>> "

Note the (generic?) quote marks created from my keyboard. This is the only key available for quote marks.

The smart-quotes thing does not translate this to a proper, left-slant open-quote mark when placed at the beginning of a spoken sentence. (But it does change the ending quote to a proper right-slant end-quote mark.)

To fix this I have had to use Alt-0147 to insert the open quote character when I create the auto-complete for it. Only geeks are likely to understand alt codes like this.

Is this a bug??

I should think not. The auto-complete fields are almost certainly plain text, so that they will take on the font etc. used in the text. So your keyboard inserts the code for a plain quote in that field. By using the ALT-0147 you are entering the UTF-8 code for a smart quote in the plain text field.

I personally work with smart quotes turned off and, if necessary, convert plain to smart in my word processor after export.




I just turned smart-quotes off. Less hassle that way.

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Absolutely! That’s why I have them turned off.



I just ran into this today when I went to work on a manuscript I’d last worked on via my iPad, and couldn’t figure out how all the smart quotes got into the dialogue when they are very firmly turned off on my Windows PC.

Took me a minute to remember the iPad. :slight_smile: