Auto-complete and word endings

I don’t know if this is properly a scrivener thing or a mac thing. (Lion 10.7.5)

I’m a big fan of the auto-complete but one little thing drives me nuts, the fact that auto-complete doesn’t recognize ? as a word boundary. The second I hit a period or a quotation mark, it stops suggesting replacements, but I’m frequently bitten by the fact that whenever a question mark comes at the end of the line and I hit return it gleefully substitutes some some random word for what I had typed. Then I have to go back, fix it, and end with a ? before I can hit the return key.

Is there some setting where the word boundary characters are defined that I can edit to fix this?

That’s a Mac thing, and I don’t know of any way to customise it to that level. But can’t you hit Esc if a suggestion is incorrect?

When I’m conscious of it, I can hit escape, or just type an extra space. But I don’t ordinarily ever have to type escape or pay the slightest attention to auto-complete except when I want to accept the suggestion. And the thing is, needing to be conscious of it pulls me out of the flow of my writing, and makes me worry that it may occasionally happen without me noticing it.

You’re doing better than me, then. I still cannot get used to software mucking about with what I’ve already typed in. Given how many typos and weird missing words I commit to the digital realm, I probably should. :slight_smile:

However, like I say, this is an area that you would need to report your feedback to Apple on.

I just turn off the auto-correct, it’s annoying as hell. I use the substitution feature, and auto-complete, but auto-correct is worse than useless.

I feel the same way. It’s one of the first things I turn off. I don’t even like programs passively underlining misspelled words until I’m ready to start proofreading. 8)