Auto complete character names & scene locations not working.


Just wondering if Scrivener for windows is supposed to to automatically add character names and scene locations to the auto complete list as you create them. Currently mine does not do this and I can only add them by typing the word, highlighting it then right clicking and choosing ‘add selection to auto complete list’

Also the short cut for this (Ctrl+Alt+=) does not work - it just replaces the selected text with the equals sign.

Any ideas on this… perhaps a setting that I’m missing?

Really? No one has any insight on this?

Scrivener doesn’t currently automatically add words to the auto-complete list, though this feature will be coming (for scriptwriting mode, which I assume is what you’re talking about). For now, you can add words yourself for specific elements by going to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings and adding or removing items from the Auto-Complete tab for each element.

The shortcut for adding items to the project auto-complete list was updated in 1.5.5 to be Ctrl+G, A (meaning, hold the Ctrl key while pressing G, then lift both and press A), so it should be working; you can change it to whatever you like in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options.