Auto-Complete issue

In v2.2, I added a word to my Auto-Complete list as “general,” expecting it to work for the whole project. I then went into the Corkboard. On an index card, I began typing the letters in the word I added to my Auto-Complete list; however, as I typed it, the word was not auto-completed. Is that not how auto-complete is supposed to work. If it should be working, what could I be doing wrong? (In Preferences, the auto-complete option is activated.)


It should be working, however it won’t be presenting options to you automatically if that is how you have it set up in the main editor. You can auto-complete using the Option-Esc keyboard shortcut, however, in an index card. I’m not positive, but I would imagine this has something to do with the index card text field being dramatically simpler than the main editor in terms of how much code is running automatically while you type.

Incidentally, unless you are scriptwriting, the scope options are not something you need to worry about. Those are for when you are writing something like a screenplay, and only want particular words to show up in dialogue, character fields, and so on. In a standard document, any words assigned to General and All will work.