Auto-Complete Question


I’ve looked through the forum and tutorial but can’t seem to find how to engage the Auto-complete function. I’ve gone to Project, Auto Complete, and entered a couple of names. I’m used to Word where you type a string of letters and then Word gives you the full word. That isn’t happening with my entries so obviously, I’ve missed a step somewhere.

Any help appreciated.


I’m kind of guessing here, but try looking at Tools > Options, the Corrections tab: what are the settings under Word Auto-Completion? You may need to have “Suggest completions as you type” checked. This is based on searching through the Scrivener manual for “auto-complet” and coming at last to section B.6.3 on p. 276.

Thanks, David. I have some sort of glitch that prevents me from viewing the manual properly. I stay stuck in the middle and can’t advance or go back. It’s been like this for a couple of months. That’s why I check the tutorial and forum. One day, I’ll figure out how to fix it.

As far as the Tools Options Suggest Completions as you Type, it’s checked.


There are two checkboxes in Corrections that affect this, “Suggest completions as you type”, which must be enabled, and “In script mode only”, which must be disabled if you want the corrections to be automatically suggested when typing in a regular (not script-mode) document.

You can also use the Alt+= shortcut to bring up the relevant suggestions when you start typing, if you don’t have them automatically suggested, but that would be a manual option you would take when you wanted it rather than having them suggested all the time.

The user manual is the PDF available from Help > Scrivener Manual. If you’re having a problem viewing it alone and other PDFs are fine in your PDF reader, try downloading a fresh copy of the manual from the support site here.

Fabulous, thank you.

I’ll re-download the manual. Should have thought of doing that myself. :blush:

Thanks, as always,
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