Auto-complete w/ accent issue

Having difficulty with auto-complete when the word to be completed has an accent over its first letter. Said word is never recognized. Any way to remedy this?
Many thanks.

I highly recommend TextExpander or a similar program. It contains snippets for accented words, among other things, and you can customize it to remember all sorts of things for you.

Thanks for the suggestion, Doc.
The functionality of Scrivener’s auto-complete is adequate for my needs— with the exception of this one quirk re: accented initial-caps. Am hoping the LL team can improve upon this.

Scrivener’s auto-complete function works for me with such words. The only trick in such cases is that you must hit a second letter to get any pop-up suggestions.

I wonder if you might instead be speaking about the auto-spell-correction function built into Mac OS? (In which, case, of course, Scrivener can’t do anything about that.)