I’m very new to scrivener, and I’m trying to learn auto-complete. I have figured out how to put a chunk of text into the ‘list’ to use auto-complete. My question is this - will the feature be triggered ONLY by the first word of the chunk of text? For example, if the chunk reads “These two contrary tendencies clearly mark a polarization between two types of action-coordinating mechanisms and an extensive uncoupling of system integration and social integration.”, I find I can only trigger auto-complete by typing the first word “These”. As soon as I type “These two…” it no longer enables me to auto-complete. Am I doing something wrong?
What I am MOST wondering about, though, is this – I’d like to be able to type in a phrase from the MIDDLE of my chunk (e.g. “clearly mark a polarization”) and have it recognize the chunk as an auto-complete option. Is that possible? does this feature work that way? or does it only work when i type in the first word of the chunk?
Thanks for any help/guidance.

I assume you are talking about the project menu setting for “auto-complete list”. If so, then I believe, from experience, that the way it works is is simply matches the start of the word you are typing with entries in the list and presents them for auto-completion.
For example, I have an auto-complete entry “Mid-Columbia Center For Living” and another “Marky mark”. If I type “m”, then it matches and presents both. If I follow the “m” with and “I”, then it only presents “Mid-Columbia Center For Living”. If I type “Center” it doesn’t present either since it doesn’t match from the beginning of the auto-complete entry.

If you’re trying to auto-complete large chunks of text, you might want to look at the <$include> placeholder instead. See Section 10.1.5 in the manual.) Auto-complete is really intended for character names, place names, things like that.

For “boiler plate” text that you’ll include in all documents of a particular type, look at the Document Template features. (Section 7.5)