Auto-completing 'Sarah'

I’m a playwright, working mostly in radio drama. I love Scrivener but there’s a couple of weird things that annoy me. Weirdest of which…

Whenever I type an ‘s’ it asks if I want to auto-complete it as ‘Sarah’. I have no idea why - I have set up some autocomplete character names but ‘Sarah’ isn’t one of them. It never has been one of my characters. In any script. Ever.

I’ve only noticed this in the Radio Drama script format, not in any of the other formats. It’s a very small thing but it’s kind of distracting as you’re writing and it drives me strangely mad. Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?!

Er, and it’s now trying to autocomplete ‘Jonathan’ whenever I type ‘J’. I don’t know who Sarah or Jonathan are. Weird.