Auto-Completion Capitalization

Hi KB and Team,

I’m coming across something that might not be actually a bug, more of a logic question.

In Scriptwriting mode, I guess the project’s auto-complete list updates automatically. I believe this is new to 2.0, as I’ve not run into this before.

I have 2 troubles… One is : what the auto-complete list is storing does not follow the uppercase, lowercase rules of a screenplay.

So I type ‘harrison’ as a character name, press tab and enter dialogue. “HARRISON” appears on the script, all caps as it should because it’s a character’s name.

The next time this character speaks, I type ‘h’ and “Harrison” shows as an auto-complete option. “Harrison” becomes the character’s name, and remains key caps like that, even though the scriptwriting rules would say it should be “HARRISON”.

So auto-complete neither saved the name the way I typed it (harrison) nor the way it should be in a script (HARRISON). And the script writing mode is not modifying an auto completed name to match the case requirements of a screenplay.

I think this logic needs to get sorted out.

Second issue, and this is just my two cents on this “auto-learn” feature, I would prefer to be able to turn off the “auto-learn” feature of the auto-complete list, allowing me to be in control of what ends up there. Right now it gets filled with many things that I personally don’t find helpful. I’m sure each person has their own preferences, and it would certainly be nice to be in control of which way it works.

Thanks so much for your attention.


In response to the second issue, you can turn off the automatic adding under the Auto-Complete tab of each element in Format>Scriptwriting>Script Settings… Just deselect the box to “automatically add phrases” and then you can add them yourself either to the element-specific lists in the Script Settings or to the master list under Project>Auto-Complete List…

For the first, you can go into either Script Settings or the master list and edit the words to appear as you want. If you adjust it to all caps in the mater list, it will appear that way all the time. It seems to auto-capitalize the character name when it auto-adds it to the list from the Character element (maybe a bug, maybe I missed a setting?); when in the Character element it appears in all caps because that’s how the element is set. Or you could turn off using the master project list completely and just use the Script Settings, so you can tailor the appearance to each element if you want.

Thank you MM for pointing out the automatic add check boxes in the individual elements section of the scriptwriting settings.

I was busy looking for something like that under Project>AutoComplete, and there isn’t one there.

So that solved issue #2.

I do still want to mention that #1, the auto-completion’s version of capitalization overriding the screenplay formatting feels like a bug that should get fixed in programming.

My opinion.



That part is intended behaviour and not a bug. When a word in the location or character lines of a script are added to the auto-complete list, they are added lower-case with a capital letter, not upper-case. This is deliberate, because if you want to use the names elsewhere, you may not wish them to appear upper-case. When you auto-complete the names in a character or scene heading element, they are upper-cased automatically. Is this not happening for you? Or do you mean it’s a problem in the Action element?

No, the auto-completed names are not converting to all caps in the character element for me.


That’s definitely wrong - this should work and I can’t reproduce the problem. What script format are you using? Are other words capitalised as you type in the character area?