Auto Completion Character Names

I’m trying out the Windows version of Scrivener and using the Screenplay format. When I type in a character’s name on my Mac version, any character’s name beginning with the first letters shows up (in auto completion fashion) automatically. In Windows, however, that doesn’t seem to happen. Is there a tab or something that I’m missing?

That feature isn’t implemented yet. You’ll probably notice a lot of little refinements like this that are not in the software yet. Generally speaking, if it doesn’t work the same way out of the box it’s not the same. Most features and defaults are being built to match. We wouldn’t create this feature and then leave it off as that would make no sense. :slight_smile:

Actually, this is partially implemented–or rather, a different script-related auto-complete is implemented which you can use for this. You can’t yet have words automatically added to the auto-complete lists the way you can in the Mac version, but if you open Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings…, you can fill in auto-complete terms for each element. Provided then that you have “Suggest completions as you type” turned on in the Corrections pane of Tools > Options, you’ll get the element-appropriate suggestion when you begin typing.

Note that the auto-correct words will be entered into the text with the capitalization exactly as you type them, so e.g. if you add a character name as “Mary”, it will get inserted into the character element line as “Mary” rather than “MARY”. If you get this by mistake, you can use Format > Scriptwriting > Re-capitalize Script to fix it later, but it’s best to just enter the words in all caps if that’s how you need them for the element.

This is excellent! When I compile, will Scrivener give me (MORE) and (on next page) (cont’d) if dialogue breaks at the bottom of a page? I’ll test it, but just thought I’d ask. Thanks!