auto completion on Screen heading

i am a screenplay-writer. have noticed a difficulty. reporting it here.

a scene header consists of three parts generally.

A - B - C

A - denoting whether the scene in INT (interior) or EXT (exterior) or INT/EXT (both)

B - denoting the location of the scene

C - denoting the timing eg. DAY/AFTERNOON/NIGHT etc.

as the screenplay grows, the locations go on adding in a database and the writer is helped with auto-completion. eg. if there is ever a scene in a PARK, next time he types P, the whole word PARK is shown as an option.

Now the problem. I notice in the qualifier C (that is the timing), database entries from Qualifier B (denoting location) are also shown. This can become cumbersome if say we want to type NIGHT and we already have lots of locations starting with N. then the option of NIGHT can come quite at the bottom of the list and one wastes time to get to there to choose it. In my opinion entries in the B qualifier should NOT be shown in the C qualifier field at all.

Thanks and regards.

ok there is more.

even in the screenplay editor, where you type names of characters, i notice the autocompletion returns even names of location. This is serious. You MUST look into it. Character field should return ONLY character names from the database. and Location field ONLY locations. I realize from the menu, in the autocompletion list, all the names and locations are stored in the same place!! Will get VERY cumbersome as one goes deeper into the screenplay with more characters and locations. Please look into it.

Now Im seriously going to wait for the next upgrade. This will not work!!

however I’d like to mention that I’m so much in love with Scrivener that even if they take some time rectifying this, I’ll still be using it. Much better than final draft in terms of usability and having various levels to look at your growing work from.

Scrivener’s not a dedicated scriptwriting program, so there’s only one, project-level auto-complete list that items get automatically added to. That may change in the future, when L&L has minions (instead of one weary self-taught programmer who would just like to go write his novel now, please), but I don’t think it’s in the immediate plans.

What you can do is change how auto-complete works in Format>Scriptwriting>Script Settings. There you can go through each of the elements and manually add what you want to the element-level auto-complete lists and deselect “include project auto-complete list” for any elements where you want to limit the auto-complete suggestions to the list in the script settings.

This won’t help you with the scene heading–everything there is just at the level of “scene heading” so there’s no distinction with your separators–but it will keep element suggestions from getting mixed, and so will also reduce the number of items you need to go through to get what you want. Remember also that you can just keep typing to narrow the list–so although you may have a lot of “N” locations, you probably have fewer that are “Ni” and fewer still that are “Nig”. (Of course, “Night” is only five letters anyway, so it’s perhaps a bad example, but you get the idea.)

Hope that helps. I haven’t used Scrivener for many scripts myself, being in the prose field, but I loved it when I did, and I use it for all of my writing and scattered projects (including drafting emails, keeping RPG info, and collecting recipes…). The organization features alone make it exceptionally useful for pretty much everything. :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply. understand what you are saying. cool.

wishing you luck for your novel. :smiley: