auto-convert double dash to solid M-dash?

Hi, all - Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I searched but couldn’t find an answer. Someone, I’ve turned off a feature on Scrivener that I really like: the auto-convert of a double short dash into a long, solid line for an M-dash (don’t know if I’m saying that right).

That is, it used to correct this type of short double dash into a long line–but now it’s stopped that. And also is giving me straight quote marks instead of curved.

Any suggestions about how to turn this back on again?

Thank you!

Have a look at the Corrections tab in Preferences and see if “use smart quotes” and “replace double-hyphens with em-dashes” are unchecked.



Thanks for the suggestion. Just looked and yes, they are both checked. I tried fiddling with them, checking and unchecking and checking back again… no dice. Still double hyphens and not-smart quotes.

Any ideas what I might have done to cause this?

Thanks for any help!

What about the icon for the document you are working on in the Binder, is it kind of yellowish? Does the footer bar in the editor have scripting hints instead of the usual statistics? If so you are in scriptwriting mode, which disables typographic punctuation by default. Try hitting Cmd-8 to toggle back to standard editing and see if the double-hyphen to em-dash correction works again.

Thanks, AmberV. No, I’m still in regular - not scriptwriting - though I tried toggling back and forth just to check.

Still getting double hyphens and straight quotes.

Very confused!


I saved my project, closed Scrivener, opened it again, and… voila! Back to M dashes and smart quotes.

Thanks, everyone -


Hmm, what version of the software are you using? There was a bug in 2.2 and prior with Mac OS X 10.7 that would cause spell-check-while-typing and auto-correction to spontaneously fail. This problem was fixed with the latest version of the software, so you might need to update. If you are using the direct-sale version, use the Scrivener application menu to check for updates. Use the Mac App Store software if that is where you purchased it from.