auto convert url string into hyperlink

I’m sure I’m missing something fairly obvious since this is a basic requirement.
I have Scrivener (beta) on ubuntu 12.04.

The question is quick pasting of url’s or web hyperlinks in plain text files.

If I copy and paste a url from a browser into a text file it is not auto converted to url.

Where is there an option for auto conversion of pasted plain text into url?
I’ve looked through options but I don’t see any obvious option for “paste to url”.
If I try highlighting the plain text and right click there is no option in context menu to convert highlighted text to hyperlink.

Currently my workflow is …

Paste url from clipboard into scrivener text file

Toolbar > Edit > Link

Select “no prefix”

Paste url into field

As a possible interim solution … what “hot keys” sequence could I use to highlight “plain” url in text file and convert to web url?

There is a recent similar question here (for windows)


Can anyone explain how to just paste a url into a note and have it auto formatted into a clickable hyperlink … without having to go through the Menu > Edit > Link workflow.

I don’t see any option for this … but I may be overlooking something obvious.


Since I use Scrivener for technical notes it would be nice if I could make a Ubuntu terminal command string clickable


sudo gedit /var/lib/tomcat7/conf/

perhaps by adding a new link type … “command” … in addition to web, file, email in the link popup.

if I make just /var/lib/tomcat7/conf/ as a file link this launches the file in Gedit text editor.

But adding the prefix “sudo gedit” seems to be a problem.