Auto 'copy edits' feature

I have docs laying out the story, broken into Acts I - III
This is useful for laying things out in two-pane view (would be more so with a three-pane view!)

And then I have a doc with all three acts copied into it.
This is obv useful for being able to read the full story as it rolls along.

A useful feature would be a way to make any changes in one of the docs automatically occur in the combined three-act doc.

It would save time and give me more flexibility.

I don’t suppose there is already such a feature?

If not, please give some consideration to implementing this.

Why aren’t you using Scrivenings view? That would allow you to read the documents in sequence without requiring a second copy. View -> Scrivenings.

If you do have a second copy, Scrivener has no way of knowing that you want it to be connected to the original, and therefore no way to propagate the changes.