Auto-corkboard mode

I have to say I’m finding the auto-shift to corkboard mode when you select a group instead of an individual document a fantastic design choice. It feels so natural - one click to get an overview of a group of documents, one click to see the text of a particular document…

So, cheers, and when’s the next beta? :smiley:

What, did you think you’d get a post that was 100% satisfied? :wink:

:slight_smile: Thank you, glad you like it. It does make sense (although those who don’t like it can change it via the Preferences, and you can always choose to have it default to the outliner instead of the corkboard).

As for the next beta… I would say it’s about a week away. Although it was originally only going to be about implementing eSellerate, there have been some other very cool additions (though minor), if I do say so myself…

Thanks and all the best,

What a tease! Can’t wait to see what those minor new goodies are!!!

WOOOHOOO! new beta!!!


I love the corkboard too, but not those giant orange PINS. They obscure the texts of the top lines and are not necessary: perhaps we could imagine that the cards are attached by hidden magnets? I would eliminate the pins or at least give users the option of turning them OFF, in Preferences.

Howarth, you can already do what you want - please just check out the various menus. Under View > Index Cards, you will see that you can turn off the pins (Show Pins). And in Preferences, under Fonts & Colors, you can choose to have the pins appear in the right-hand corner, so that they do not obscure the centre of your text. This is actually covered in the tutorial, too (Step 10).

All the best,

Additionally, you might want to play around with transparency. You might find a balance that allows you read the bits of the letter under the pin, without removing it and the information it conveys, entirely.