Auto correct 2 capital letters at word beginning?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Scrivener and love it already now.
In fact, when I am writing it often happens that I write two capital letters at the beginning of a word instead of one. Example: I want to write “Susan” but I write “SUsan”.
MS Word can correct this mistake during writing.
I don’t want to use Scrivener’s auto-correct feature because it often happens that I write words that are not part of the dictionary (I’m writing in german).
So, is there a way to auto-correct the 2-capital-error without auto-correcting everything else?

Thanks in advance

Hi, Scrooge,

AFAIK that auto-correct option is not available at this time.

Have you considered to download and use the German dictionary? I also write in non-English language and that has worked for me.

Thank you for your answer.
What a pity…
Yes, of course I downloaded and installed the german dictionary but it lacks lots of words that I use.
Anyway, I will have to teach it lots of words in the beginning and then it’ll be better. :slight_smile:


I have experienced something similar in Spanish, where the dictionary only knows the main words but not all the usual derivatives.

I understand that German is a language where composing words to form a new one is allowed and encouraged. Spanish is similar, so I have to teach them as they appear.

This tip may be of use to you: if you want to teach a word that may be written either capitalized or not, make sure you teach the un-capitalized one, otherwise you’ll have to teach both of them.