auto-correct glitch?

My scrivener keeps correcting words mid-word as I type to things I don’t want. The word which brought me over to this page just now was “family”, which, once I typed “fam” it suggested “fan” and changed it without me hitting the enter key. Then I get a red underline telling me fanily is misspelled, without an option of changing it back to what I wanted–and spelled right in the first place. It’s been doing this to me all day, and the frustration is growing.

I’ve noticed it happening since I did the paid update a few weeks ago (maybe it was like that on the older version too? I don’t know for sure because I had the auto-correct off. Maybe the answer is turn it back off, but do I have to sacrifice that feature because it keeps correcting things that don’t need correcting? Why can’t it just work as well as everything else in scrivener does?), but it seems to be happening more frequently today. Yesterday I updated to mavericks and this morning I updated to the latest scrivener.

Or, am I just doing something wrong?

Have you recently upgraded to Mavericks? It seems a few users have had auto-correct problems in Mavericks (I assume you do mean auto-correct and not auto-complete?). Autocorrection is all handled by OS X, which no code in Scrivener pertaining to it other than to turn it on or off.
All the best,

bummer. it is auto correct, not auto complete, and I did just update to mavericks. so I guess I’ll just turn it back off.