Auto-correct not working

I’m a Scrivener newbie. I love it but I want auto-correct to work and it suddenly won’t. In preferences I’ve got all the auto-correct options checked, but the document neither auto-corrects nor does an automatic spell check, as it’s supposed to. Advice please!

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3

This seems to be a Sierra-specific bug. It goes away with (for a while, at least for me) with a restart.

Thanks. I’ve restarted but it’s doing the same thing. Will pursue further.

If you’re using Page View, try not using it for a while. That mode has been known to trigger spell check engine failure in rare cases.

I’ve noticed this as well. One thing that works for me is to toggle the Edit->Spelling and Grammar->Check Spelling While Typing menu item.

When it stops working for me, I go to that menu item, and if it is checked, I uncheck, then recheck. If not checked, I check it.

And, every time I have to do this, I have a terrible time finding the menu item again. I find it confusing that this item exists in addition to the item in the Preferences->Corrections->“Correct spelling errors as you type” check box. Why is that? What, if anything, is the difference between the two?


If the project isn’t checking spelling, then correcting as you type won’t function. It has to be spell checking in the first place to detect a spelling error and fix it automatically. The menu checkbox doesn’t impact auto-correction, rather whether or not the engine is engaged at all in that project (and as noted in the wording, that main setting impacts whether new projects have the menu option ticked or not, rather than being a global switch for all projects).

In short, whether and how something is spell checked is deemed project-specific since some projects may not benefit from being spell checked while you type, but whether you prefer auto-correction is more a matter of universal preference. You either like it or you don’t.