Auto-correction isn't working

See details here:

again 2018-04-16 - details in the thread above

I’m afraid I cannot reproduce the issue. It works fine for me. As mentioned in that thread, spell-checking must be enabled for automatic spelling correction to work (a requirement of Apple’s text system). We have received emails over the past few years, since a particular OS update, that spell-checking and similar features can stop working sometimes, but we have never, ever been able to reproduce it on any of our machines, unfortunately. I had hoped I had fixed it in 3.0 with a particular text system change I made, but if people are still seeing it, then evidently it’s not gone completely. The only way I’ll be able to fix it is if I can reproduce it, I’m afraid, so if you can find any particular circumstances that cause the bug to arise, that would be very helpful.

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