Auto-correction not limited to custom list in script

I’ve noticed that if custom auto-correction lists are empty, Scrivener defaults to using the entire dictionary when in script mode if “include project auto-complete list” is selected for an element.

To see this:

  1. Create a new screenplay document in a project
  2. Open the project’s auto-complete list and make sure it is empty
  3. Open Script Settings and in the Auto-Complete tab of the Scene Heading element, ensure that custom words are listed, and check the box to include project auto-complete list
  4. In the Auto-Complete tab of the Action element, make sure the custom list is empty, then check the box to include project auto-complete list
  5. Click OK to close the script settings
  6. Type a Scene Heading in the document, then press return to move to the Action element and begin typing slowly enough to get the auto-complete box

Rather than just not offering any completions, as I would expect since the custom lists are empty (and as happens when in regular mode), the entire dictionary of selections becomes available. This doesn’t happen in the Scene Heading because it has its own list of items; only they get offered. Likewise, if a word is added to the project list, then Scrivener will use that list and only offer the word as appropriate, rather than proffering the entire dictionary.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether “only suggest completions from custom auto-complete lists” is selected in Preferences or not. (In fact, except for this odd exception, it doesn’t seem possible to force script mode to use the full dictionary at all, although that’s probably not something many people would want to do.)

I imagine this is not likely to often be an issue, since chances are “include project auto-complete list” won’t be checked unless the list does contain items (though you might set it up that way and then add items as they occur to you). But it seemed a bit peculiar so I wanted to throw it out there.