AUto- COrrection of DUal CApital LEtters?

Wonderful software, really inspiring and motivating to work with!
I would very much like Scrivener to auto- correct when I by accident write words with TWo CApital LEtters in them. But I can’t find a way to do it?

I really don’t know what to search for, as English isn’t my mother tongue.


Hi Kimmo,

Thanks for the kind words!

There’s no way to fix double capital letters, I’m afraid. Scrivener uses OS X’s built-in auto-correction features, and I don’t think Apple have anything like this built into that just yet.

All the best,

Thanks, I’ll have to wait for the almighty Apple, then.

Please tell me this has been fixed, it is so annoying! What serious writer would want to use auto-correct? THis is not a problem when using LibreOffice (which is free), maybe you could speak to the developers? I cannot recommend Scrivener as a serious writing tool if such a basic and useful feature is not included.

This is handled—or rather not!—by Apple code over which KB has no control. LibreOffice/OpenOffice/MSWord do not use any Apple code at all, so pointing out that they can do it has no relevance to what is possible in apps based on Apple TextKit, of which Scrivener is only one.


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