AUto-correction of TWo capital letters

AUto-correction of TWo capital letters at the beginning of a word:
With fast WRiting (in GErman where every NOun is capitalise), it may happened to you that the shift KEy is held down too long and the second LEtter at the beginning of the WOrd is capitalized as well.

It could help if scrivener would auto-correct such mistakes and it would reduce infuriation while writing, it happens quit often if you are a speedy writer who write in German (or any other language, where Nouns are capitalised).


If “Correct spelling errors as you type” is turned on under the Auto-Correction tab of Tools>Options… then this should happen for words with more than two letters, although I haven’t tested it in German.

Yes, this works.

But it only works with the “check spelling…” options and as you say with the “correct spelling …” option. If you do not want it, if you just want a “AUto-correction of TWo capital letters” than you are lost.

In my point of view it fits more in the “auto-capitalisation” part of the “Auto-Correction” options. It goes in one line with “Capitalize i” and “Fix capitalization of sentences” - it would be a “Fix capitalization of two initial capital characters”.


I would like this too.

I’ve put it on the wishlist, but it’s going to depend a lot on what kind of outside resources Lee can find, I imagine. Spell check and so forth are handled by the Aspell libraries right now; it’s not really Scrivener’s own code that’s doing this, and features like this can be a beast to program. So it may be something that can be added in down the road, but it’ll take some looking into. It’s not something that’s going to be a top priority for a bit, as I hope you can understand.

Please tell me this has been fixed, it is so annoying! What serious writer would want to use auto-correct? THis is not a problem when using LibreOffice (which is free), maybe you could speak to the developers? I cannot recommend Scrivener as a serious writing tool if such a basic and useful feature is not included.

Replacing two capital letters with one is auto-correct.