Auto-corrections from Pages not coming into Editor

I’m fairly new to Scrivener - but when I started using it I was thrilled that the auto-corrects I set up in Pages seemed to automatically come into the Editor pane on Srivener (for example - when I type ‘teh’ it turns into ‘the’ in Pages.)

Well, it’s suddenly not working any more, and I’m not sure why. Any suggestions as to how I can set this up so it works all the time?


I don’t quite understand.
Are you drafting in Pages and exporting to Scrivener?
It should be just the reverse.
Scrivener is set up to be your research and drafting base.
It helps you get ideas, scenes, characters arranged.
At the very end, you export to a word processor for finishing touches.
Which mostly have to do with formatting and printing.
If you are drafting with Pages on an iOS device,
Use the RTF export to pass files to Scrivener.
I’m not answering your query about auto-correction
Because the workflow sequence seems a bigger issue.
Sorry if I have misunderstood, and good luck.

Spelling corrections in OS X are based on the global System Prefs settings.

 > System Preferences > Language & Text > Text > Correct Spelling Automatically

You can add items to the list as you want.


I write right in the Editor - I don’t import from Pages. My question was - when I’m writing in the Editor mode, my auto-corrects don’t come forward - the ones I made on Pages a long time ago. And I got the second reply - thanks so much. I went into System Prefs and Language and Text - but none of my Pages corrections are listed there. (Maybe something happened at some point.) So, I think it’s a Pages question. I’ll have to figure out some way to export them wholesale from my Pages preferences to my Language and Text Preferences. Ugh

Thanks for the 2 speedy replies.



I’m afraid the problem is that Pages uses different auto-correct settings to the rest of the system, so anything you add to Pages’ auto-corrections aren’t available anywhere else. I believe the only way is to re-enter them manually in the System Preferences.

All the best,