Auto fill-in for common character names

I don’t know how easy or practical this would be to do on your end, but one thing that drives me crazy when I’m writing a story is to type out character names over and over and often revert to a shortcut, like just the first letter, which I have to go and fill in later. (Is it only me who gets annoyed with this?) It would be cool to have a shortcut you could set up in each story in which you can have some sort of custom autofill for each character name. :slight_smile:

  1. Go to Preferences > Corrections and make sure the ‘Suggest Completions as you type’ box is ticked, and the ‘In script mode only’ box is unticked.

  2. Select Project > Autocomplete List… and in the dialogue add your character names. Make sure the scope is set to ‘All (Text and Scripts)’.

Now in your documents when you type the first couple of letters, the names will be suggested for you.

Hope this helps…