Auto-Fill Synopsis: First Sentence and Last

I have found auto-fill synopsis very useful over the years. But what I often do is delete all but the first sentence or two and then go to the end of the document and cut and paste the last sentence or two into the synopsis [with “…” in between] This way the synopsis gives me a sense of the flow/continuity or lack thereof. Would it be helpful for others if this feature were automated? Could be first sentence and last. Or first [# words] and last. Just curious whether others would find it helpful and, of course, whether it’s technically easy, hard, impossible or somewhere in the middle. Thanks.

I would definitely be interested in this… :slight_smile: Easy? Medium? Forgetaboutit?

This comes under the “a bit too obscure to implement” category, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Thanks for quick reply!