Auto-fix TWo INitial CAps

I often type two initial caps by mistake; Ms Word fixes that for me automatically (as do may other word processors). Please could Scrivener do so too at some point? Thanks.

I find that Scrivener does this if I turn on Tools > Options > Corrections > Correct spelling errors as you type. But this can introduce a whole host of improbable corrections, unfortunately.

As you say, that introduces a lot of rather strange and unpredictable “corrections”. In a perfect world, I’d like the TWo INitial CAps thing to be a separate option.

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This is a problem even in the new version, and I’m noticing it far more now that I’ve gotten a new laptop with a scrunched keyboard. :frowning:

You could perhaps use the “fix capitalization of sentences” in options / corrections / auto-correction, and not capitalize any sentences yourself.
Not perfect, but perhaps it’ll do for you.