Auto-generate permanently deletes contents of note cards

I found a new button on the corner of the notecard and I clicked it to see what it did. It turned out it just turned my notcard into a piece of the beginning of the file. Problem was, I had a lot in the notecard already, and when I tried to undo there was no going back. It makes me a little wary that there’s basically a “permanently delete” button within accidental clicking distance of my notecards. :frowning:

Did anyone see this? Is this post in the right spot?

Note cards? Are you referring to what you see in Cork Board mode? The text on the cards is the synopsis and each card is simply another way of looking at the documents in the Binder of your project.

PS. No, this is not the best place to ask for technical support. Feedback is more about how you use Scrivener or your perception of the software compared to other programs, etc.