Auto generate Synopsis button missing in Inspector?

Hi there,

where can i find the Auto-generate button for the synopsis in the newest release like described in the help? The buttons seems to have disappeared somehow as there is only one button left…?

Best, Stefan
Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-21 um 18.43.03.png

Thanks, I’ll see the manual is fixed in that regard. The button was removed to clean up the interface a bit, but the feature is still there, as mentioned further on in the paragraph where the menu command is referenced. Note also that the behaviour of the menu command was changed to act like the button used to, so the bit about it not using your selection is incorrect.

Hmm… One of the most used buttons when working with ideas and creating synopsis is removed …

Adding a shortcut is a little bit unconvenient, but anyway it works…

Please Keith, consider reinstating the “auto generate synopsis” button. The “clean interface” reasoning is not enough justification for removing a very useful bunch of pixels.