"auto generate synopsis" button problem

OK, so I’d written a detailed synopsis of a passage in the Synopsis box in the upper right corner, and then by accident clicked the “auto generate synopsis from text” button. Now I’ve lost my written synopsis.

It was before I’d started writing the passage, so the “auto generate” button simply blanked out the box.

Scrivener should save the user-generated synopsis when the button is pushed. Or have I missed something?

“Auto-generate” does just that - it automatically generates a synopsis (from the existing main text - either using the first few words/sentences or from the selection), replacing whatever is there. But if you pressed it by mistake, hitting undo would have fixed it (provided the cursor was in the index card area). You don’t need to press anything to save your edits - everything gets saved automatically.

Hope that clarifies things.

All the best,

Fortunately I was able to get the material back with Time Machine. I now understand how auto-generate works; the problem was that I had been looking for a way to increase the size of the synopsis box, since my synopsis extended below the window. The style of the “auto generate” icon made it look like an icon to increase the box size – with the arrow pointing down and to the right. So I clicked it. When the writing went away I clicked it again to see if it toggled, but of course it does not.

When I went to “Undo”, it was greyed out. Perhaps my cursor was not in the box, I don’t know. Anyhow it didn’t work.

I understand that this is something of a silly, rookie error, however I do think it would be advisable at least to include a dialogue box warning someone about auto-generating a synopsis if there is already something written in the box that would be replaced. E.g.: “Do you wish to replace your synopsis with one that is auto-generated?” That would at least alert the user that they stood to lose anything already written in the box.