Auto-generate synopsis icon not present in Inspector

I’ve searched, perhaps not sufficiently enough, the help and the forum for information on why the auto-generate-synopsis icon does not appear in the Synopsis header in the Inspector. The option is available from the Documents menu, but that’s much more tedious an approach. Is there a preference setting I’ve missed, or a particular view the project must be in for it to display?

Odd - I came to the forum, looking for help on exactly the same problem - and your post was the first thing I saw.

I’m sure I’ve used the auto-complete button before but it’s not there now.

(Like you say, it’s there via the menus, but according to the manual that method uses the first few lines of your document as the synopsis, regardless of whether you have text selected. The button we’re both looking for would use selected text if there was any.)


Yes, this button has been removed from the Inspector, but the command is still available via the menu for those that use it, so if you use it a lot, then you can assign a keyboard shortcut to it. The reasons for its removal are twofold:

  1. It added a bit of visual clutter, and I wanted a cleaner UI; moreover, not every single command should be available as buttons, and this one felt like more of a niche command. However, my feeling on that may be in large part because of…

  2. We want to dissuade users from using that command to some extent, as in the next major update of Scrivener it will be largely unnecessary (although still available). The corkboard and outliner will automatically show the first few lines of text in the synopsis area if no synopsis is assigned, and as that’s dynamic, it will be much better than assigning some copied text.

All the best,

Brilliant - Thanks, Keith, for the prompt response.
Great support, as always.

I’m finding that copy/pasting selected text into the synopsis area works just fine.
If there had been no button to start with, I can’t imagine anyone would feel the need to ask for one, so yes, removing it is no big deal in my opinion. Others may disagree - all comes down to individual’s workflow.

Good Luck with all that you’re doing on that next major update. (Although personally I’m having trouble imagining what you could do to improve ‘the Scriv’ any further :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks! And, well, let’s see… 64-bit, a true styles system, overhauled Compile, modernised codebase, options to view more documents on screen… But I’d better not spoil things yet. :slight_smile: Lots still to do!

Heck - now you’re just teasing us. :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds great, but I still miss the function, while we wait :wink:

Like Keith said, the auto-generate synopsis function is still available under the Documents menu. :slight_smile: