auto-generate synopsis not working

I NEED these synopses. They’re just incredibly helpful and I don’t want to take the time to create one. The first few lines tell me all I need to know. BUT now I can’t even auto generate them. I have a piece, its heading shows up on the cork board, there are no blank lines. It starts off with a sentence and another sentence and another. I need to see them on the cork board. But when I hit auto-generate synopsis nothing happens. The card remains blank with just the one headline. Please help me. please.

Have you determined whether the problem is consistent between projects, or if it is just the current project you are working on? If not, the tutorial project makes for a good place to test, but even just creating a simple blank project somewhere temporary, typing in three lines from scratch (like “a”, “b”, “c” on three lines) and testing the auto-generate with that.