Auto generate synopsis

I ran into a problem today which made me loose a small amount of data (using an Intel mac). Here’s what I (stupidly) did:

  1. Create a new text entry, give it a title, but don’t type anything in the main window
  2. Enter some text in the synopsis (both in the title, and in the body below)
  3. Hit the auto-generate synopsis button.
  4. The “body” text in the synopsis disappears, since there’s nothing in the main editor window.

I accidentally did this in a moment of “I wonder what that button does.” I now see I could have brought the text back with an “undo,” but clicked out of the entry to see if it was truly gone.

I’d suggest either giving an “are you sure” prompt if you’re going to overwrite/clear an existing synopsis field, or somehow make undo work back multiple steps, regardless of which cards you have looked at.

Thanks for making such an excellent program!

Extra undo is out of the window for this particular feature because of the complications of Cocoa undo, but you are right that this is a scenario where you don’t really want your synopsis overwriting. Thanks for noticing this and posting about it - I’ll do something about it for the next update.
All the best,

Just wanted to chime in and say I did this exact same thing just now–I was outlining a piece using the corkboard, so writing only in the synopsis, not the scene text. I had a scene with a long synopsis and was trying to see if I could resize the index card display in the Inspector sidebar (which I don’t think I can), and I clicked the auto-generate button without knowing what it was. And no undo means I lose my synopsis. :frowning:

Glad to see somebody already caught this!