Auto-generated ePub Table of Contents - Indent certain items?

Attached is a screenshot of my folder / files structure. How do I tell Scrivener for my auto-generated TOC to increase Chapter One by a level, and Flashback 01 by two levels? Currently it just makes everything flat.

I know it’s possible, because the Novel With Parts template indents chapters if you compile fresh out of the gate! What does that template have that my custom layouts don’t? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks SO MUCH for any guidance, I’ve been stuck on this for two days!
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Checked this setting?

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Yep, I’ve tried it both on and off, no luck. It’s weird because of you start with the Novel With Parts template and hit compile, you’ll see indents for the chapters out of the gate. So when using their layouts it works, but when I make my own, the TOC is flat again. I suspect it has something to do with the classes the Chapter Heading and Part Number heading use (part-number, chapter-title) but I have no idea where to see what CSS applies to those classes…

Possible to share a dummy project showing the problem?

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Sure! Here you go… (256 KB)

I think the issue is that the template (see the Novel Format notes at the top of the binder) is designed to work with folders as chapters and files as scenes. Even though the project has folders, they are not being used to create the ToC, and as far as I understand things, Scrivener / the template treats files as being on the same level if there aren’t any folders in the ToC to create a (Parts / Chapters) hierarchy.

Your project setup is the most unique I have ever seen. Tech support might be able to help more, unless Ioa or Keith or someone else smarter than me sees this thread and replies.

Sorry not to be able to offer a solution.

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