Auto generated synopsis not displaying in Inspector Synopsis Notes field

In the Scrivener Tutorial, synopsis that have been manually entered are displayed in the Inspector but the ones auto generated are not.

The best example of this is in Corkboard display of the The Basics > Get Oriented folder.

In that folder, in the Corkboard, clicking on the Main Interface card, which displays auto generated text from the page, is not displayed in the Inspector. The title is there but no text.

The synopsis in the Composition Mode card, which displays manually entered text, is displayed in the inspector.

On my Windows 8.1 computer, that is true throughout the Tutorial.

I apologize because I am new to Scrivener and so, of course, this Beta Version, so I do not know expected behaviors, but I might be able to recognize unexpected behaviors which hopefully might be of assistance.

Let me take a shot at it…

This must be the expected behavior. It is ubiquitous across the system.
The text for the synopsis would already be visible, either in the document or the corkboard/outline, so to display it in the Inspector would be redundant.

The real need to have all synopsis displayed is when they can be compared. And in Corkboard view, the fonts are different so you can see at a glance if it is auto generated or manually entered.

Am I close?

This is the expected behavior and is how Mac Scrivener 3 behaves.

The assumption is that if the user wants a “permanent” synopsis, they’ll write one.


Thank you