Auto-highlighting of the document / file in use??

What I’d like is for whichever file I’m using right at that minute to be highlighted in the binder menu. But that’s not what happens.

Instead, a file only gets highlighted if it’s clicked directly in the binder menu - but then if I use the arrow keys to scroll between recent files (which I do a lot because they’re so useful), the highlighting stays on the file I was looking at previously, and the actual file I’m looking at now isn’t highlighted at all.
This means if you glance at the binder list to see what file you’re on, it shows you the wrong one. :confused:

This is especially terrifying if you’ve got two copies of the same document and really need to know exactly which one you’re editing.

I know you can find which file you’re on by clicking ‘reveal in binder’, but if you’re constantly moving between documents that’s a faff. This seems like such a basic thing it should happen automatically. Is there a way to make the binder automatically show the actual file you’re looking at (even when navigating with the arrows)?