Auto-keyword list

Given the many requests that people have to automatically track characters, locations, etc. in Scrivener – and understanding KB’s reasoning for not building the concept of those objects into Scrivener – I got wondering if there might be an easy, generic way to get us 90% of the way there.

Would it be possible to create a per-project “auto-keyword list”? That is, a list of keywords that, if they are found in a document, automatically then get added to that document’s keyword list if they are not already there?

That way, I could populate that list with the keywords I want to track; they could be characters, places, etc… As I write and add them to my documents, the keywords are automatically populated. I would have to go manually clean them up if I removed them – or the system would have to distinguish between keywords that were manually added/deleted vs. those that were automatically added/deleted – but just having this simple list to auto-add keywords would add some value for those of us who want a simple way to track things without breaking the flow of writing.