auto-load button. where is it?

The Scrivener manual makes mention of an auto-load button. I don’t see it in any footer. Is it hidden in certain modes?

What’s an “auto-load” button and where is it mentioned in the manual? That is, what are you expecting it to do and what are the exact words in the manual, because there is no such thing as an “auto-load” button in Scrivener…

When the editor is in corkboard or outliner mode, there’s a double-arrow button in the footer like this ⇄. If you split the editor, clicking this makes it so that documents you click on in the corkboard/outliner will load in the other editor. The arrows turn blue when it’s active.

(The manual does call this the “auto-load button” in a few places; it’s explained in §9.1. :slight_smile:)

Ah, my apologies - I have never heard it called the “auto-load” button, I guess Ioa coined that one. :slight_smile: (And, ahem, I have yet to go through the manual myself - that’s still on my list of many-things-to-do.)

Thanks MM for clearing that up, and sorry gravytop that I was unaware my own button had been given a better name by Ioa.

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BTW: This is a great feature. But Scrivenings has to be “off” in the text editor for it to work. I couldn’t figure out why it seemed to work sometimes but not other times. Just did. Hope that helps someone. David

Hi David,

I’m not sure what you mean there - if Scrivenings is on in the other editor then selecting documents in the corkboard will still change the document.

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The only thing that should inhibit auto-load is a locked secondary split. Is the header bar a dusty red colour?

That’s true - if the editor were locked then the corkboard or outliner could be used to navigate between documents in Scrivenings, but only if the documents on the corkboard or outliner appear in the Scrivenings session.

It wasn’t the locked editor. I checked that. Might have had to do with my “Binder affects settings” but that doesn’t make sense either. And I did have a corkboard from a Collections in one editor and a doc from the Binder in another. But that doesn’t make sense either! If I can get it to repeat I’ll pay more attention to the setting etc at the time. and let you know. If not, must have been a glitch in the user, not the program. Cheers. David.